I know your not requesting a equipment suggestion thread

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I know your not requesting a equipment suggestion thread

So, because I am doing slayer today, I will be making some sort of RS gold gain from it. I just needed to know 1 thing. After purchasing slayer gear, I've 4 mil left. Together with the incentive xp weekend coming up, is there something I could buy to create money? Even if incentive xp weekend was not here, could there be something I can purchase or merch in P2P? BTW I must kill Lesser Demons right today, so is there some thing good they fall which I could pick up.

Something cool: This is off subject but me and Tcmp were in red jack clan wars walking around. I then wandered off and Hunam Safe arrived and kill me! I am prob. in his vid now. I'd my gilded helm with me I shielded. After I banked my helm, I moved in, and found that Hunam was attacking Tcmp but Tcmp was not attacking! He Barraged me turned back to Tcmp. With roughly half hp left, I turned to Hunam again, after I had been unfrozen, then attacked him . Subsequently Human swore in stars. So I stored Tcmp and prob. Obtained in his vid.

What should I train ? My main obj is to get 75 atk, for my bgs, also 80 str. Do not suggest slayer. . Its crap exp. . For me anyhow. Do not use a BGS. The whip outperforms the BGS, and in the event that you truly need a weapon update buy a CR. Ghouls are fine xp for your level, manageable with only the cost of a few lobsters, I used to use ghouls prior to slayer. I know your not requesting a equipment suggestion thread, however, you might also use barrows gloves. I got them at your combat level, not very difficult. The regen brace does hardly anything. And do not say your not doing the quest because of the reqs, I did all the reqs and they were rather simple to get.

Well then! I've got a personal training spot that not many individuals use. I have just seen one guide for this, and that is on a different fansite. They are called Zombie Monkeys, and they are on Ape Atoll. You may find them just below the fighter guards. Now, here is what you will want to train: A good training weapon. Whip for assault, along with a Sara Sword for advantage, I'd say would be suitable for you.

A fantastic pair of armour concerning prayer bonus. Proselyte rather than barrows, though if you'd like, say, a soulwars cape and bandos then would be suitable too:D. That is why this is great xp. Teleport into ape atoll unlocked, a teleport to buy OSRS gold an altar and rear into ape atoll (ardougne cloak functions well as it also includes a prayer bonus). A great deal of prayer potions, a sacred wrench, a battle familiar that gets you the kind of xp you desire.