Madden 22 features: It needs to make according to fans

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The Super Bowl is over. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are world champions. Tom Brady owns the seventh ring. All eyes are on next season. Fans can Buy Madden 21 Coins according to their needs. Matthew Stafford wears a Rams jersey, Urban Meyer coaches the Jaguars, and Brady is in He tossed corner kicks again in his 21st professional season. Fans are already sharing the way they want the official NFL video game to improve in the second sport on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

GR runs the blocking function every year, and the first dozen replies on social media insist that blocking should be the number one. klindraPSN wrote on Reddit: "There is no running blockage or pass blockage in Madden 21. In the passing game, the O line retreats, while in the running game, they move forward in real life. But the only thing in the market is simulation In the NFL game "Madden", they almost always run poorly. If you want to try, raise your LB by one yard, the guard will have 75% of the time to come to you. This requires other basketball players to enter the game Solved before."

"If the lock logic is fixed and the traffic coverage is fixed, then I will buy Madden 22, LB's actual pursuit and plugging of loopholes instead of stagnation, let myself be blocked, and OL/DL positioning is not based on translation/distortion Or triggered by animation," wrote on Operation Sports. "If it happens once or twice, I'm really surprised." If you want to get more Madden 21 Coins, please work hard.

Over the years on PS2, Madden has not only successfully implemented the head coach's actions, but also successfully implemented the offensive and defensive coordinator actions throughout the league. Incredibly, it has never been brought back to future generations. That must change. What we need is very similar to the 2014 NCAA. Offensive and defensive coordinators, and coach rotation, good guys are promoted and hired. As a high-level wish, when designing this system, there should also be a plan to integrate position coaching into the system. Finally, you are welcome to Buy Madden Coins at GameMS.