Why Is R Programming Language So Popular?

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A lot of the programming languages ​​that you are taught are general-purpose. You can use them to develop all sorts of software. But, some programming languages ​​are developed to perform a particular task, and are gaining popularity due to their ability to perform the job more effectively or help in programming the solution. R is among these programming languages ​​that are specialized.

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R is a programming language designed by statisticians to be used specifically to work with data. It is a programming language used for statistical computing and data visualizations commonly used by data analysts, business analysts, scientists, analysts and researchers.

What Makes R Unique?

R is unique because it's not general-purpose. It is not compromising in trying to perform many things. It can do a handful of exceptionally well things, particularly visualization and statistical analysis. While there are machine learning and data analysis libraries for languages ​​such as Python, R has many statistical capabilities that are built into its base. No third-party libraries are required to perform the majority of the data analysis that you can perform in R.

However, even in this particular usage, it's employed in every industry that you can think of since modern business is based on data. Using historical data analysts, data scientists, and data analysts can evaluate the condition of a business and provide leaders with concrete information about the future direction of their business.