Who Uses R?

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In this blog we have discussed about those companies who uses r programming language.

This blog will discuss companies that use the R programming language.


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What Is R Language?

R language is an open source programming language and software package maintained by the R core development team. The R language can also be used to perform statistical operations. It is a command line-driven program.


R is the most widely used analytics tool worldwide, if you compare it with SAS and SPSS. It is believed that R has more than 2 million users, ranging from 250000 to more than 2 million.


If we take a look at R's online popularity, R is the clear winner. R also has more discussion groups, blogs, and email addresses than any other tool, including SAS. R was the top choice in most surveys.

Who Uses R?

R is one of the most cutting-edge tools. R is being used by millions of researchers, analysts, and brands like Facebook, Google, Accenture, Wipro, and Google to solve complex problems. R's applications are not restricted to one industry. We can also see R being used in finance, banking, ecommerce and finance. This article will provide you with real-life examples of the R programming language.