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It is no secret that parents play an enormous role in their children's education while at home. In daily interactions with their family, children look up to their parents as their first educators.


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Parent-teacher communication can also be seen as a way to exchange advice. Once the information is shared, the advice can be more relevant and effectively targeted. Parents can use the chosen communication tools to advise teachers on the best ways to attain good behaviour from the child. Sending communications home is one of the most essential and most time-consuming tasks in schools. It might seem impossible to automate, but the best MIS systems give staff the option to send different types of communications wherever they are in the system, which saves them time jumping over to an external app. When there is a match among adolescent developmental needs, parents’ attitudes and practices, and schools’ expectations and support of family involvement, the results can be more positive. Middle and high school students can benefit from the adult relationships in the school setting. Teachers, administrators, coaches, and staff members can serve as important role models and resources for developing adolescents. A school mobile app supports classroom learning for teachers at curriculum and extra curriculum levels. A mobile app helps students and teachers keep in touch. It gives students the freedom to reach their teachers for emergency questions. When teachers are available to engage in discussions anytime, they’re not only helping students with their academic progress, but also promote a friendly environment and foster a sense of community.

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Change is a journey that we are all on. And we have two choices about what we do with it. We can either just go with the flow and let things happen, or, we can be proactive, see its potential, channel our efforts and do something tangible to push things in the direction we want them to travel. The more time students are in school, the better chance they will have in being personally and academically successful. Interventions tend to focus more on changing parents’ behaviour than changing school practices. Children are incredibly unpredictable and the same applies to their learning capabilities. They might be at the top of their form one day and while failing their midterms on another. It is incredibly difficult to keep track of their activities especially when parents work long or odd hours. Direct communications with SIMS makes your Online School Payments a breeze to use.

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Mobile apps have the potential to be used in many areas of the curriculum such as computer science, art, animation, storyboarding and more. A School App, also known as a School Mobile Application is a piece of software which can be installed on a mobile, tablet or other smart device. Getting in touch with people quickly is not only beneficial because it means your message will be actioned straight away; it also avoids a potentially dangerous ‘Chinese whispers’ situation. By ensuring that you, as the school, are the first to get in touch with each parent, you can control the message and tone of the situation to ensure it’s not misconstrued from parent to parent. It's important for schools to make the most of the technology at their disposal. A customisable school app is must in the 21st Century, with smartphones being the most effective method of communication in all areas of life, including schools. Whatever your digital communication needs are, a school branded app has the tools to help you meet them. Schools can bring all their communication into one place with Websites For Schools today.

Parents need an increased understanding about what their child is doing at school and a focus to support conversations with their child about school activities. A mobile school app allows admin to view summarized reports for fees collection, overall attendance of school students and staff and also allows to view school admission related summarized reports. If you have a weekly after school club or a regular day where children require their PE kit, then an online calendar can help you to save time and avoid duplicating the same event onto multiple days. A digital calendar (such as Google or Microsoft) will allow you to set recurring events on a daily, weekly or monthly basis by simply adding one event and changing a few settings. There has never been a more important time to build strong relationships with parents, with the child at the centre of everything. Why? Because when schools establish trusted relationships with parents and pupils, children believe that school is important, parents feel trusted, and teachers are supported to teach at their best. Some school mobile apps seamlessly integrates with other Google tools like Google Docs and Drive. A cutting edge product like Homework App helps to consolidate school communications.

Boost Productivity

Factors that may contribute to parental perceptions that their involvement is valued are a child’s explicit affirmation of the importance of parental participation, a school ethos that is intentionally inviting, or teachers’ actions that are overtly welcoming and facilitating. In the past, parent-teacher conferences were a way for educators to tell families about the student’s academic progress and behaviour. A school management system will facilitate this communication while eliminating the need for in-person contact. Good communication helps parents better support student motivation and learning. Parents welcome this opportunity to be involved in assisting and improving their children’s outcomes. A school app is designed to keep you well informed about your child's life at school. It is a quick and easy way to stay up to date with news, events, curriculum information, contacts details and the like, and offers the benefit of instant alerts and reminders. Technology has transformed the three-way relationship between parents, schools, and learners. Most Parents Evening System work on any browser and some are available as downloadable apps too.

It is no secret that parents play an enormous role in their children's education while at home. In daily interactions with their family, children look up to their parents as their first educators. School leaders know all efforts to effectively adopt edtech are well worth it. Teachers are able to design better learning materials, deliver better instruction, offer better support, and overall create more personalized learning experiences for each student. Students get more engaged in their learning process, which can eventually lead to better academic outcomes. A school branded app includes a reporting feature that allows teachers to schedule and save reports. Allows teachers to monitor activity in real-time. Unearth additional info relating to Websites for Schools on this link.

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