Are we worried that the Chiefs are in last place in the AFC West?

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Sorting through the NFL Week 3 Pile: Steelers, Colts look like teams who could start to panic in the early hours

We're beginning to gain some clarity regarding the various teams as we move just three weeks into the NFL season. There isn't much information available on some teams, like the Saints or the Pats. Some teams, such as Jacksonville and the two New York teams, are simply terrible.

There are other teams who considered themselves contenders or fringe playoff contenders, the world is going to be a whirlwind. When you are panicking it is not possible for you to just sit back and enjoy the view. Anyone who is struggling with the number 1-2 should pick up a brown bag, and start breathing heavily.

There are teams that ought to be thinking about panicking, however. Let's take a look at some of them and place them on a scale of 1-10 terror.

Are we worried that the Chiefs are in last place in the AFC West?

It's a good start. Hopefully all is well for Chiefs coach Andy Reid, who was admitted to a hospital following the game in an ambulance when the team was not feeling well. He's been released from the hospital, however the manner in which Peter King described it on NBC Sports makes it sound somewhat more shady than we've been led believe based on the statements made by the Chiefs said after the game. The health of Reid is the most important thing before anything else in the first place, of course. It's worth looking into the possibility of him missing time because the Chiefs are currently in last place in the AFC West, and given that the cheap Mut 22 coins Chiefs have dropped below.500 from Week 10 in 2015 Therefore, it's worthwhile to ask how serious the issue might be.