Scav with youand those are hard to come by

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Scav with yoand those are hard to come by

some require extra planning to ensure they are EFT Roubles available. From keys, friendly Scavs, and roubles, there are multiple options for you to secure your loot. The paths less travelled may provide you with a quieter escape, but they aren’t always available and the more information you have, the more flexible you can be in your approach. Remember to press O twice and make sure you’re headed in the right direction.

Halfway along the north wall on the west side, between the RUAF Roadblock and the UN Roadblock, there is a gate that leads to the factory. This extract can be tricky to use because .

it relies on you bringing a friendly player Scav with you, and those are hard to come by.Opposite the RUAF Roadblock, and at the top of the westmost wall, there is another large checkpoint. This extract has large walls surrounding it making it a safe space to get out. It’s always available to those who spawned on the east side.