What are the features of the upcoming Amazon's New World

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What are the features of the upcoming Amazon's New World

For all MMORPG fantasy fans, this year is an excellent year. On the one hand, Blizzard launched WoW TBC Classic, bringing millions of players back and transferring their roles to the Burning Crusade era. On the other hand, Amazon Games is also about to release the first MMOPRG called "New World". Like many other games postponed in 2020, its release time has been rescheduled for August 31, 2021.

New World ultimately means new, exciting and fresh things in the MMORPG scene. The game was announced by Amazon Games in September 2016. It took nearly five years to get ready. The game takes Atlantis Island as the main scene of the Cheap New World Coins game, which may represent Atlantis in the 16th century.

There are also level and level upgrades in New World, and players can upgrade to level 60. But unlike WoW Classic, only one human race and three different factions can join. This is purely the player's decision. These factions are called predators, syndicates, and covenants. In addition, there are no classes in New World, which leaves enough room for the development of custom characters. Perhaps this is what players really desire.

Many other features common in other MMO games are still retained in Amazon's New World, features like Professions which range from the ordinary Weaponsmithing, Armoring, Engineering, Jewelcrafting, Arcana, Cooking, and Furnishing, Refining, Smelter, Woodworking, Leatherworking, Weaving , and Stonecutting, and Gathering Logging, Mining, Harvesting, and Tracking and Skinning.

Like all other games, New World will have its own currency, which will become the cornerstone of the game economy. This currency is called "New World Coins". Just like World of Warcraft and similar games, players can also buy New World Coins from popular websites such as NewWorldCoins.

Currently, the Youtube videos of the New World Beta test show millions of views. It can be seen that New World will be very promising, and it is developed by Amazon Games. There is no doubt that it will Buy New World Coins be promoted vigorously on Amazon and its network. Therefore, players should accumulate a large amount of New World Coins before the game is officially released in order to pursue greater progress.