You can trade in points for these items: Assassin's mask

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You can trade in points for these items: Assassin's mask

You can trade in points for these items: Assassin's mask, assassin's dark leather armor assassin's leather armor legs, assassin's silent boots, and OSRS Gold assassin's clawed gloves. All of them are back with openings and red marks, and can be used in kidnapping or killing.

You can also exchange them to get higher ranks: Thiefs, burglars, Assailant Bandits and Assassins. Most Wanted and customizable names. You can make use of custom characters to choose as many as 20 characters. you are not allowd more than five numbers. You may earn points by working harder because the ranks make it harder. You can even demote yourself. In order to set your missions at the perfect level. De-moting is free and doesn't cost you any points. Here are the facts regarding the armor of assassins: Attack bonus Defense Bonus Points required armor piece...

It's the start of a guard's day. Start in the police outpost between falador and burthorpe. Talk to the main guard who will inform you if you're eligible to become a police officer guard. The guard will say yes and interview you. He'll ask you questions regarding right and wrong, and after that, he will 2+2. After you've completed 4, he will allow you to join the list of wanted people.

You can pick one of these options. You have the options of following someone, guarding the person, following a suspicious person, investigating a scene of crime, finding a hideout of a thug, or intercepting an encounter with two people.

You'll receive appropriate armor for guards every time you begin a mission. It's essentially an armored knight's plate body in white that has broad shoulders with spikes and platelegs, a medium helmet with no trim, gauntlets, guard boots (they are black with white at the bottom) a shield (the one you get from the full falador achievemnt diary, without blue symbols in the middle) and you are able to pick from 5 weapons: custom battleaxe, large, with black handle that hits hard custom dagger that is poisonous and hits medium, custom mace large with Old School RuneScape Gold a black handle and huge spikeball, and the white crossbow, (unlimited shots during minigames) I don't think I have to go into detail the Role of an assassin, you must know the exact opposite of what the assassin does.