What is the best hunter pet in WOW TBC Classic?

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What is the best hunter pet in WOW TBC Classic?

As veteran players of WOW Burning Crusade Classic know that the hunter's pet can act as a tank, especially when the hunter is fighting alone or in a small group, the pet can prevent the hunter from getting too much damage in the battle. Therefore, it is very important to get the best hunter pet in the player's inventory. So what is the best hunter pet in TBC Classic? The following guidelines can help players choose the right pets, allowing players to experience more fun in the game in leveling, raids and arenas.

The best pet for leveling – Wind Serpent
In TBC Classic, Wind Serpents is the best choice for players to upgrade. The Wind Serpent family of hunter pets is an aggressive pet that can enter the Burning Crusade Classic Gold battle earlier than other competitors. If the player wants to maximize the damage of his pet, the player must feed his Wind Serpent pet with bread, cheese, and fish.

Wind Serpents has a 7% damage gain, two damage abilities, and they cause magic damage. Another special ability of Wind Serpent is Lightning Breath, which players can obtain by running the Zul'Gurub team. Players can find this team in Stranglethorn Vale. In addition, players can choose to use the cheapest WOW Classic TBC Gold to buy the pets they want.

Best Raid Pet – Ravager
Ravager is the best pet for raid content in the game. A surprise attack is damage, so an important factor players need to consider is that pets have a strong ability to damage. Yes, Ravager is the strongest in this regard. They can simultaneously learn the two best damage handling abilities of pets, Gore and Bite. Most importantly, players can use the new talent Go for the Throat to upgrade their Focus generation, thereby maximizing Gore's uptime.

Best pet in the arena – Scorpid
Scorpid is a defensive pet, it must be the top pet in the arena. Scorpid can train the "Scorpion Venom" skill to apply a debuff to the enemy, stacking up to 5 times. If this method is applied after the hunter has applied the snake sting, the enemy team will not be able to dispel the snake sting from themselves or their team. If the player wants to maximize its damage, then the player must feed his Scorpid pet with meat.

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