When we discovered that we were from the exact same neighborhood

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Later that NBA 2K21 MT Coins night, the two opponents -- who had never met until that point -- ended up going to the movies. Fast forward over 10 years and both are still side by side, teaming together on Jazz Gaming, the Utah Jazz affiliate for its NBA 2K League. "When we discovered that we were from the exact same neighborhood and we're both on top of the planet, such as, wow, that is crazy we will need to begin hanging out and talking about the sport to sort of learn from each other," Shaka said. "And then we just became teammates after that."

NBA 2K21 unskippable ads"will probably be fixed", says 2K

2K states the unskippable ads included in NBA 2K were executed in a way the publisher"didn't intend," and the mistake"will be fixed." In a statement on Twitter, the business addressed backlash to how adverts were contained in its most recent release. Before this week, players observed that an unskippable advert for the Oculus Quest two ahead of an in-game video. That ad seemed to operate during a loading screen, but has been the exact same length even if running with an SSD to a PC (through Stevivor). Players criticised 2K for the advert, with many imagining it had been appearing in a full-priced title.

In reaction, 2K educated players that commercials"have been integrated to 2KTV segments" for a couple of years, but stated that"yesterday's 2KTV ad placement changed our players' expertise in a way we didn't intend, because these ads aren't intended to run within the pre-game introduction." As a result, the problem"will be repaired in future episodes," although there is no word on exactly when the change is going to be implemented. Crucially, it doesn't sound like the adverts will actually be moving away. 2K points out that they've been set up for a while already, and that the issue here seems to be where the advertisement showed up, not the simple fact that it had been there in the first location. Hopefully the placements will be subtle in future, but it looks like in-game adverts are set to be part of the NBA 2K matches for Buy NBA 2K Coins a little while yet.